My Trip to Georgia

I won’t lie, I’ve always mocked the South a little. I mean, they share pleasant conversation with strangers before having their morning coffee. What is up with that?

But after traveling to Georgia last week for work, I suppose I’ve underestimated it a bit. Three of my co-workers and I were down there doing a software training at Houston Hospital in Warner Robins, GA.

Flying in a plane is one of the best parts of traveling. You know how people get thrills from rollercoasters? Well, I get my thrill from sitting in a window seat on an airplane. Plus, I get this view of my beautiful Boston:

photo 1

Delta’s lightly salted peanuts were probably the highlight of the flight. See my unconstrained enthusiasm:

photo 3

Anyway, we flew into Atlanta and drove two hours to Warner Robins – a town full of every chain restaurant you can possibly think of. So unfortunately we didn’t get to experience local southern comfort cooking. But there was Logan’s Roadhouse, a divey bar right next to our hotel. It was the kind that serves peanuts in buckets on the bar, and you throw the shells on the floor.

logans roadhouse

The first night there, we met three guys from Alabama who were also in GA for work. After telling them we were from Boston, one of them (who looked a lot like Papelbon!) told us that he used to be in the Navy and was stationed in Boston for awhile.

We talked with them about the Red Sox, football, good country music, and New England vs. the South. We told them how friendly everyone is down south. They were astounded by the fact that we don’t strike up conversation with random strangers. They also told us that they know someone from New York, and he is the biggest jerk they know. I told them that is not surprising, because unlike people from Massachusetts, New Yorkers are barbarians.

When we walked in the following night, there were our friends sitting at the bar. They greeted us by saying, heyyy go Red Sox! And then bought us our first round of drinks.

They weren’t the only friends we made. We also talked with our bartender, Amber. She was adorable and tiny – she could just barely see over the bar! She was so friendly with us. She told me about a St. Patrick’s Day celebration she went to in Savannah and showed me pictures of it on her phone. And she told us how she moved to Georgia from Alaska and was planning to go into the Coast Guard. Despite being so tiny, she is clearly a tough cookie. She also had some amazing tattoos. We all loved her, so we each wrote a note on our receipt saying how nice it was to meet her and have her as our bartender. A very nice tip was included.

I highly doubt I’ll ever be back in Warner Robins, but I definitely won’t forget it. Meeting cool people is the best part of traveling. So South, you’re growing on me.

My current life goals

Signing up for a 5K ended up being a great motivator. It forced me to train and get into decent shape. And now, even though my 5K is over and done with, I’m still working out. I even did push ups yesterday, can you believe it? It’s about time I do something about my shameful, weakling arms.


My 5K showed me how great it is to motivate yourself and reach your goals. I’ve decided that I need to be motivated in all aspects of life, so below is a list of goals. One day, when I am old and gray, I want to be able to look back on my life and be incredibly proud of the fact that I kept my closet so damn organized.

My Goals:

  • Organize my closet
  • Set up a retirement fund (when I moved to Boston, my brother gave me two pieces of advice: set up a retirement fund and don’t date co-workers. I failed miserably at the second one, so it’s really important that I set up a 401K)
  • Get two-pack abs
  • Be more fashionable
  • Meet a Red Sox player
  • Read more books
  • Eat healthier
  • Go on one of the scarier of amusement parks rides, even if the terror scars me for life
  • Get my jeans hemmed instead of just folding them up on the bottom
  • Brew my own beer
  • Go to a Giants game
  • Drive a moped through the streets of Greece

I hope to accomplish most of these. But some will be a reach. Let’s face it…I likely will not go on a scary amusement park ride. Who do you think I am, Evel Kneivel??

The cousins Salamanca

I wish I could say that I haven’t been posting because my life has been full of excitement. But no, I haven’t been off moose hunting with Jonathan Papelbon, nor have I been on an extended shopping spree with Mindy Kaling.

I’ve been watching Breaking Bad.

I’m thoroughly addicted and can feel withdrawal creeping in as I waste my time writing this post.

YES, people who think the show is over-hyped…it’s THAT good.

I’m on season 3 and recently watched the episode where Hank was ambushed by the Salamanca cousins. I know the cousins are the “bad” guys (and I put bad in quotes because really, who is “good” and who is “bad” in that show?), but they are two of my favorite characters.


What is more terrifying than two identical-looking, silent, emotionless cousins in pressed suits axing up anyone who gets in their way? What impresses me the most is that the actors who play the cousins aren’t really actors, in the sense that they were trained. In fact, one of them was a real life gangster – in and out of jail for most of his life. The following is an interview with the two where they talk about how they ended up playing the Salamanca cousins.

The first episode they appeared in, they had to stand within 60 feet of a gasoline explosion, and not flinch.

breaking bad explosion