No pain, no gain

I am attempting to be a new and improved Grace, and I’m accomplishing that by pumping iron. Yesterday, I went to the gym with Lauren, my roommate/personal trainer, and we did some strength training. She helped me through a back and bi’s workout.

For those of you who don’t work out, bi is short for bicep.

Close up of man's arm

We first started with warm ups, in which we used a stretchy thing called a resistance band. For the first few minutes, I thought the warm up WAS the actual workout. Oh silly me.

Lauren showed me how to use proper form, which was a lot tougher than you’d think. You need to bend your knees, and keep your core tight, and your back flat, and your shoulders back. I understand why there are all those mirrors now. I always thought it was so the jacked guys could admire themselves. But no, it’s so that you can see what your form looks like! It was pretty tough, but for my first time lifting weights, I did pretty well.

After the workout, my arms were like jello, and I was fairly certain that I’d be unable to pick up a pen without collapsing from the weight of it.

Today I am very sore. However, it is the sweet burn of determination.