If only I were Lena Dunham

I wish I were witty and talented like Lena Dunham. She could write about the items in her fridge and make it funny. All I can come up with is like, hey look at that broccoli…it’s like a mini tree, am I right? *crickets*

Her show Girls is genius! If you’re a female in your 20’s I urge you to watch it. You will totally relate, just like when you listen to a T Swift album.


It’s like she’s inside my head.

Most of our lives aren’t all that extraordinary when we’re 24. We’re just trying to find our way. Lena portrays that in her show, but brings out the humor in it all. I try to do the same and not take things too seriously. But truth be told, sometimes I get really worked up when I can’t find the perfect set of throw pillows for my bed.

Anyway, I’ll be lost until season four of Girls comes out.

PS. I hope you enjoyed my broccoli joke. Come on, they are teeny green trees that you eat!! How could you not laugh?

Let’s talk about Victor Cruz

1480564_568583313242454_5694456175484134986_nAs much as I love Boston, I am cursed with being surrounded by Patriots fans. They are head over heels for Brady, clearly blinded by his good looks. One of my co-workers even bought the Uggs he did a commercial for! And I live with this foolishness every day. Nobody seems to care that Victor Cruz, Big Blue’s finest wide receiver, had major surgery! He is recovering well, according to his Instagram. Thank goodness.

For those unaware, #80 is my favorite player on the Gmen. He makes incredible catches, salsa dances in the endzone, and loves his mama. What a guy!

Unfortunately he won’t be back on the field until next season. Still, I remain a diehard fan. Get better soon, Victor…I hope you “Cruz” into recovery.

Guess Who’s Back?

#GraceUnfiltered is back, that’s who! And now that I have both a Twitter and an Instagram (Insta for short), you will be blown away by my creative and witty hashtags.

Have you noticed yet my new blog picture, featuring my short haircut? This is one of the many notable events that have taken place in my life since my last blog post. A few others include:

1) One of my best friends got married! And I was a bridesmaid! The best part of the wedding was the contra dancing during the reception. My dancing partner, a friend of the groom’s, was seriously good looking.

2) I was broken up with through text. But that’s okay because he has the same name as my sister’s deceased pet turtle.

3) I bought a Macbook Air, and it is light as air!

4) I saw Ingrid Michaelson in concert, and she’s one of the coolest chicks in the world.

5) I conquered my fear of tubing.

6) I’m applying to grad school!! I am very excited about this one – it’s a game changer. I’d like to get my masters in public policy and change the world #nbd #saygoodbyetomysociallife

Told ya my hashtags are epic 😉