Sweet potato is all the rage

In case you haven’t heard, sweet potatoes are literally the greatest thing on earth right now. Not only are they delicious and a pretty orange color, but they are also very healthy for you! They are a great source of vitamin B6, vitamin C, vitamin D, iron, and magnesium, which I learned through a quick google search.

I love that you can cook with them in many different ways. You can boil or roast them, and have them as a simple side dish. Or you can use them in your main meal. Here are a few awesome recipes that you should try if you care at all about being an awesome person:

Stuffed Sweet Potato











Sweet Potato and Chickpea Burger











Chipotle Sweet Potato Soup









Black Bean Sweet Potato Chili











Kale and Sweet Potato Quesadillas









If you click on the picture, it will link to the recipe. Now go buy some sweet potatoes right this minute!!

Life without cable

There has been a major development in my life recently: my roommates and I canceled cable. I know, you might be shocked. There was once a time in life when this would have been inconceivable. Elementary-school Grace would have been so lost without The Rugrats.

However, I am now in the real world, and I have bills to pay. Additionally, I have a demanding social life to uphold, which involves going out and purchasing food and drink. And finally, fall fashion is quite important to me, and I must stay up to date with the latest styles. Therefore, cutting cable was an economically wise decision.

Fortunately, we have Netflix, so I can still watch my programs, such as House of Cards and Gossip Girl. For this reason, I believe I will survive.

The one thing that concerns me is sports. It will be more difficult to watch the Gmen, the B’s, and the Soxies. My roommates and I have decided that if we want to see a big sports game, we will go out to a sports bar to watch it. And we will wear our sweats, just as if we were at home. And if any dudes try to chat me up, I will say, go away I am watching sports. Hehe.

My Signature Dish

Everyone has a signature dish. You know, a crowd-pleaser meal that you can make really well. Your signature dish can’t be something wimpy, like a quesadilla. Everyone can make a ‘dilla, even Napoleon Dynamite.

napoleonI am still searching for my signature dish. It’s part of my journey of self-discovery. I made Sriracha baked Salmon last night, which came out very good. So that’s a contender, but it was also very spicy and some people can’t handle the heat like I can.

I can also make buffalo chicken mac and cheese. Literally everyone in the world likes buffalo chicken, and mac and cheese is a universal comfort food. It’s even better if I make it in the slow cooker. Though I feel like this dish is not very original. But I’ll keep it on the list as a possible option for now.

I’m a boss at making spinach and ricotta stuffed shells. Nobody can resist Italian. And the spinach adds some nice nutrients. Win-Win!

Finally, a personal favorite of mine is Shrimp and Sausage Jambalaya. I make it with brown rice, which adds a healthy element. The cayenne pepper adds a bit of a kick. And the shrimp and sausage satisfies lovers of both surf AND turf!

It is very important that I find my perfect signature dish. One day I will find a stud that I want to lock down, and what better way to accomplish this than to serve him my signature dish? Also, one day I will have kids, and I have to win Mom of the Year award somehow!!

Please take the time to answer my poll:

Rockclimbing and Mountain Goats

Wednesday night I went indoor rockclimbing with my friend Sarah, her husband Andrew, and a bunch of his friends. It was the second time in my life going rockclimbing.

It is a well known fact that you will find guys with big muscles in rockclimbing gyms. However, the first time I went rockclimbing, I met Adam. We went on a couple dates and then he burned me big time. So I vowed to myself on Wednesday that I would be immune to the male climbers and their giant biceps, and instead focus on climbing higher than 10 fEdition of 1000 Printed:eet.

You see, I’m a little afraid of heights. And even though I’m being belayed, and if I “fell” I would actually just hang there in the air, I still get scared. I conquered my fear, though, and climbed almost to the top of one of the kiddie walls. I am so proud.

I was very sore yesterday, but if I were to rockclimb on a regular basis, I would develop some serious guns.

Perhaps you’re wondering how mountain goats tie into this. Well, my computer background at work is a mountain goat. And my co-worker Joey Joseph pointed out that I probably felt like a mountain goat while I was rock climbing. Why yes…as I clung on to the rock wall for dear life, I thought…this must be how a mountain goat feels atop a very high mountain.

Life at Meditech

At work, my co-workers and I sit in cubicles that have no walls, so we can see and hear each other all day long. Because of this, we’ve become awesome friends.

Sam and Kayla are in my little group. Sam is in her 30’s but you’d have no idea because she acts so young and free. We get along well because we have a similar sense of humor. Kayla is our new hire, and I am her mentor. I’ve taught her basically everything she knows about financial medical software. She is outgoing and has meshed well with our group. She’s also a very skilled baker.

Next to us is the “meat corner” – our group of guy friends. Even though they constantly make fun of me for being from Connecticut, they are still the best.

Elliot sits across from me, and I call him “Big E”. He is very tall and has an epic beard. One of the best things about Elliot is how outspoken he is. He has strong beliefs and is not afraid to share them. And he always has a crazy story to tell.

Alex also sits across from me. He’s a guy who gets the job done and is adored by our female customers. His favorite foods are edamame and carrots/celery with peanut butter, which he eats often so as not to become faint. He works out like Arnold Schwarzennegar and can probably lift 300 pounds.

Matt likes to tell everyone that the meat corner breeds studs and studs only. He also likes to tell people that the name Matthew means “gift of god”. His mom told him that, apparently. Matt definitely brings the energy and comic relief to the group.

Then there’s Joe, or “Joey Joseph” as I like to call him. We also call him Grandpa because of all the sick days he takes. He’s part of a band called Weld Square, and we’ve all been to his shows. If his band doesn’t make it, he is going to write a novel.

And last but not least: Dan. He is the most sarcastic fellow you will ever meet. Despite being a man of few words, he will drop the most hilarious one-liners. Don’t let his shaggy hair and untucked shirt fool you – he is BIG D.

I can’t forget Russ, who is an honorary member of the meat corner. He constantly wears silk black nightshirts, and has a shark tattoo named Bruce. He interacts more through Snapchat than face-to-face, and suffers from FOMO (fear of missing out).

Unfortunately, the meat corner is moving to new seats, but they won’t be far. Charles (Chaz Money) will now be sitting across from me. He’s a red head with a “Made in America” tattoo who worships Matthew McConaughey. When he is not having a rage blackout, you can find him harping on how frail Alex looks.

Why you should vote

Today is Election Day! If you’re someone who thinks your vote doesn’t matter, or that voting won’t actually change anything, I’m here to prove you wrong.2014-midterm-elections

Perhaps you’re thinking, today is only midterm elections – the presidential election is more important. False. Midterm elections are when we vote for governors, congressman, and senators. Those in Congress are the ones choosing what bills to write, which go to the floor, and which pass. With the GOP poised to take over the Democrat-controlled Senate, each vote truly does matter. There are several tight governor races, particularly in Massachusetts, Connecticut, Florida, Arizona, Colorado, Illinois, Kansas, and Wisconsin. Depending on who wins, we could see dramatic shifts in the political landscape, which would heavily impact the 2016 presidential election. Those who we vote into office today will influence the outcomes of several hot topics…

Do you like smoking weed? Yes? Well I bet you’d like to smoke without having to fear the slammer. Several states and cities will be voting today on easing marijuana restrictions. As more states legalize, there will be more pressure on the federal government to take a more passive stance. So before you take another hit, get out and vote.

Do you think same-sex marriage should be legal everywhere? Richard Tisei is an openly gay Massachusetts Republican running for Congress. If elected, he plans to be a strong supporter of same-sex marriage. Maura Healey is a Massachusetts Democrat running for Attorney General. If elected, she would be the first openly gay attorney general in the country. She played a key role in challenging the Defense of Marriage Act.

Do you think Obama has done good for the country? Perhaps you’ve noticed the economy getting stronger, or you’ve benefited from the Affordable Care Act. If Republicans take the Senate, they will control Congress. This will make it incredibly difficult for Obama to pass any meaningful legislation.

Are you a sexually active individual? Are you a female taking birth control, or are you a male whose significant other uses birth control? Thanks to Obamacare, birth control, which was once over $100 a month, is now free of charge. Many Republicans are in favor of over-the-counter birth control. This sounds great, but if birth control is over-the-counter, insurance companies won’t cover it, and you’ll be paying the big bucks for it again.

I cannot stress enough the importance of voting. Consider that in 2010, Democrats in Pennsylvania lost the governor’s race by 20 votes. Over in Ukraine, a war is going on, and they just had an election with 60 percent turnout. The right to vote has been fought for throughout history, and it’s our responsibility as citizens to uphold it.

The Struggles of Young Adulthood

I recently read an article called The Brain on 23.

We waste time the same way we did in college, only now doing so makes us uncomfortable. We are at the point in our lives where we have realized the futility of sitting around watching Gilmore Girls episodes we’ve seen one hundred times, but we lack the resources and maturity to actually do something to change that. We are too old to go out every night, but we are too young to stay in and do nothing. We want to be more productive and live a more worthwhile existence, but we haven’t quite figured out how.

It’s a great article, and I’d like to expand on the strife of being a young adult:

  • We make fancy dishes containing quinoa, but secretly long for Annie’s bunny shaped mac and cheese.
  • Some of our friends are married, while others go on a new Tinder date each week. We can’t decide which is more fun.
  • Once a nightmarish thought, we are resigning ourselves to the inevitable – we are becoming more and more like our parents.
  • We can’t get drunk on Friday night because Saturday we’ll be wicked busy getting an oil change and shopping for new kitchen ware.
  • We are now older than Mark Zuckerberg was when he became a billionaire, and our biggest accomplishment has been successfully setting up the wireless in our apartment.
  • It’s less cute and more weird that we still sleep with a purple stuffed bear named Princess.
  • We care less about “tall, dark, and handsome” and more about “financially stable”.
  • Taylor Swift songs are still so relatable, but we can’t admit how much we adore her.
  • Out metabolisms just aren’t what they used to be – do we hit the gym before work or after?
  • According to that Blink 182 song, nobody likes you when you’re 23.

The struggle is so real!