A Critique of my Childhood Poems

I’ve always loved to write, and it’s how I best express my thoughts. Displayed below are eloquent poems I wrote in elementary school, titled “Cookies”, “The Thing I Hate Most”, and “A Good Person”. Included is a response to each of these thought-provoking pieces of writing.

Poem #1: Cookies


This poem speaks volumes regarding certain social issues. For example, the lines “Yummy, lot’s of kinds/different shapes” stresses the importance of respecting diversity in our society. In addition, the line “Give them to Santa” encourages providing for the less fortunate. Malloy establishes herself as a diehard liberal with this piece of work.

Poem #2: The Thing I Hate Most


This deep, slightly dark poem is a reflection of Malloy’s views on karma. She’s insistent that if you brag about your cool clothes or how many pets you have, you will feel the wrath of the undead. She also includes a particularly demonic illustration of a ghost. For this reason, this poem has been banned from several elementary schools – something that Malloy considers to be a violation of the Constitution.

Poem #3: A Good Person


“A Good Person” nearly won Malloy the Nobel Peace Prize. This wildly popular poem is used by parents to encourage good behavior in their children. It has also been quoted in several presidential speeches during times of violence and national distress. As a result, Malloy has become an iconic figure in the fight for world peace.


What can I say, I was born a literary genius 😛



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