Things We All Do When We Have a Crush

Let’s admit it – we all get a little “cray-cray” when we’re crushing on someone, amirite?

cute guy alert

My homegirl and hopefully someday life coach, Mindy Kaling, once tweeted out:

Screen Shot 2016-01-06 at 8.01.01 PM.png

24-year-old me immediately re-tweeted – YES, Mindy girl, you get me! About two years later I’ve learned that that’s not the wisest approach. But still, I’ve got my crazy tendencies when I’m crushing on a cutie, as do we all.

For example:

1) You online stalk them

Grace: So just as an FYI, I love to fish just like you do!

Cutie: Nice, but how did you know I enjoy fishing?

Grace: Um…I have to pee, byeeee! *runs away*

2) You attempt to “accidentally” run into them

Grace: *wearing shirt that says ‘Fate’ on it in glitter*

Cutie: It’s funny we run into each other at this very spot at the same exact time every Wednesday!

Grace: I know, right? Coincidence! Hehe.

3) You buy cute new clothes to wear around them

Cutie: I like your ballgown, is it new?

Grace: Oh my god, this old thang? No, I dress like this all the time *twirls*

4) You attempt to be hilarious

Cutie: Jane didn’t know about the government shutdown, can you believe it?

Grace: Jane, that ignorant slut!

Cutie: Uh, what?

Grace: SNL, duh *flips hair*

5) You try to be incredibly interesting

Cutie: What did you do this weekend?

Grace: I nursed a sick panda back to health. You?

Take note that these do not apply to Beyonce or Johnny Depp, who are both perfect humans and literally always cool. But for the rest of us, we can’t help but get a little nutty when we’re hot for a honey 🙂

jessica day

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