I’m the Brunette Amy Schumer

I make sure to remind my co-workers several times a week that I’m the brunette Amy Schumer (it’s important they remember who the comedian of the group is).

They always raise their eyebrows and say, “Grace, did you seriously just compare yourself to Amy Schumer?”

“Yes,” I say. “You guys laugh at my jokes literally every day.”

“We don’t laugh at your jokes,” insists Elliot. “We laugh at you.”

“Tomato-Tomahto” I reply.

Amy Schumer is one cool chick and her raunchy and hilarious Comedy Central show nearly completes my life. Below are some of my favorite sketches from “Inside Amy Schumer”. If you’re at all fond of humor, entertainment, and enjoyment, I recommend you take some time out of your day to watch:

Publicity Stunt

Amy tries to boost her image by going to prom with a teenager who is disabled, but her plan hits a snag when it turns out that he already has a date.

Third Date

Amy grapples with her dining partner’s big disclosure during a date.

My Dream Breakup

Amy works with a professional to make sure that dumping her boyfriend is a moment she’ll remember forever.


I hope you are laughing your butt off!!


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