The Pains of being a NY Giants Fan in Boston

imgresOn a daily basis, I deal with the struggle of being a New York Giants fan living in Boston. Few are aware of the turmoil associated with this, and as the Patriots get closer to playing in yet another Superbowl, I feel I must share my harrowing experiences with the world.

Patriots fans worship Tom Brady with a passion that concerns me. For example, every time I remind a Pats fan that Tom Brady stole Giselle Bundchen from Leo DiCaprio (a shameful, petty crime), they get a disturbing look in their eyes. Imagine a deranged mutant squirrel who just had his winter nuts stolen – that’s the kind of crazed look I see on their face. I worry about being attacked, and it’s the primary reason I carry pepper spray.

And of course, they have horrible things to say about my Eli Manning. And sure, he has the
body type of a string bean, but he’s a damn good quarterback!

Yet another reason why being a NY Giants fan in Boston is such a hardship is because of the wardrobe implications it has. I have several pieces of NYG regalia, all of which I cannot wear outside of my apartment. One time I was feeling incredibly brave, and I wore my Giants sweatshirt 20141018_mje_se2_099.jpg.0.0.jpgout to the grocery store. I SWEAR the cashier purposely charged me double for my Lucky Charms. Oh, the injustice….

So, now that all you Patriots fans are more keenly aware of the tribulations I experience as a Giants fan, I hope you show me greater respect as we head towards Superbowl 50.


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