Recipes for Lobstah Lovahs

MV5BMzIyNTQyMDQyNl5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTgwMzQ2MjU1NjE@._V1_UX99_CR0,0,99,99_AL_If you’re cooking dinner for a hot date, and you’re really looking to impress, I suggest making a dish with lobster in it. For example, when Rupert Friend (who stars in Homeland) finally responds to my date request on Twitter, I am going to cook him lobster ravioli in a tomato cream sauce. And then we will get married.

Despite the fact that lobsters are creepy-looking creatures and a live one could probably claw you to death if it so desired, they are freaking delicious. You simply haven’t lived until you’ve attended a Maine lobster bake. Eating a whole lobster right out of the shell is the most badass way to consume it (in my opinion), however there are various other ways to incorporate it into your meal.

(To access the recipe, click on the photo)

Lobster Mac and Cheese3840e55f42433b3f4ee8f2945572064d.jpg

You have to prepare yourself emotionally for this decadent dish. Mac and Cheese is the ultimate comfort food on its own – but when you add chunks of lobster and buttered breadcrumbs on top and bake it in the oven, it becomes almost TOO good. One bite of this deliciousness will bring a tear to your eye, I swear.

Spaghetti with Lobster Fra Diavolo Saucelobsterofthedevil1_wm-1.jpg

A Fra Diavolo sauce is a spicy tomato sauce. You can add any type of seafood to it, but lobster is the best. This recipe calls for red pepper flakes to add some heat. But if you like your food extra spicy, I’d recommend making it with diced jalapeños. Put the sauce on top of spaghetti or linguini, and you’ve got yourself a damn delicious dinner.

New England Lobster RollLobster_roll_1.jpg

The lobster roll is a classic. If you live in New England and you’ve never had a lobster roll, then I assume you are highly allergic to lobster. Typically the lobster roll is made with mayo. However, if you’re not a fan of that, then I’d suggest trying the Connecticut-style lobster roll, which is made sans mayo. I know it’s incredibly good because anything that comes out of my home state of Connecticut is impeccable.

Lobster-Bisque-3-427x640.jpgLobster Bisque

Nothing warms the heart and soul like soup, especially lobster bisque. It is creamy and tasty, and even better if made in the slow cooker. The dash of cayenne pepper gives it a subtle kick. The recipe calls for two cups of dry, white wine, which also pairs well with the soup itself – so it gives you a nice excuse to have a glass of Chardonnay!

Lobster Caesar Saladi-MtTpSQS-L.jpg

Looking for a healthy option? Then lobster caesar salad is a great choice. The lobster meat not only makes it filling, but it pairs well with the dressing and the crunchy lettuce. The one time I’ve had this was up in Maine and the lobster was crazy fresh. I still dream about that salad!

Lobster and Brown Rice Risottolobster-risotto_detail.jpg

Not only does this recipe call for lobster, but it calls for shrimp and scallops as well. As a result, I have nicknamed this dish the “Seafood Delight Straight From Heaven”. Besides the lobster, shrimp, and scallops, there are very few ingredients, and this dish is incredibly easy to make. Definitely a winner!

Lobster, Spinach, and Bacon PizzaBrown-Butter-Lobster-and-Spinach-Pizza-with-Bacon-+-Fontina.-81.jpg

The blend of cheddar, fontina, and parmesan cheeses make this quite the gourmet pizza. There’s no need for any sauce – the lobster, spinach, bacon and sun-dried tomato toppings are enough. The recipe provides instructions on making the dough, but I find it easier to just buy a dough at the grocery store.

 Enjoy 😀

Boozy Food is the Best Food

I’ve made an epic discovery, people: booze and beer are not JUST for drinking. They are for cooking too! Below are some of my favorite recipes that are punched up with some type of alcohol. Click on the photo to open up a link with the recipe.

Now get cooking, you crazy boozebag!!!

Jack Daniels Crock Pot Pulled Pork Sandwich


Penne a la Vodka


Rum Cake


Whiskey Wings


Bourbon and Bacon Mac and Cheese


Boston Lager Chili


Shrimp Scampi


Seafood Stuffed Shells in Sherry Cream Sauce


Enjoy! 🙂

Sweet potato is all the rage

In case you haven’t heard, sweet potatoes are literally the greatest thing on earth right now. Not only are they delicious and a pretty orange color, but they are also very healthy for you! They are a great source of vitamin B6, vitamin C, vitamin D, iron, and magnesium, which I learned through a quick google search.

I love that you can cook with them in many different ways. You can boil or roast them, and have them as a simple side dish. Or you can use them in your main meal. Here are a few awesome recipes that you should try if you care at all about being an awesome person:

Stuffed Sweet Potato











Sweet Potato and Chickpea Burger











Chipotle Sweet Potato Soup









Black Bean Sweet Potato Chili











Kale and Sweet Potato Quesadillas









If you click on the picture, it will link to the recipe. Now go buy some sweet potatoes right this minute!!

My Signature Dish

Everyone has a signature dish. You know, a crowd-pleaser meal that you can make really well. Your signature dish can’t be something wimpy, like a quesadilla. Everyone can make a ‘dilla, even Napoleon Dynamite.

napoleonI am still searching for my signature dish. It’s part of my journey of self-discovery. I made Sriracha baked Salmon last night, which came out very good. So that’s a contender, but it was also very spicy and some people can’t handle the heat like I can.

I can also make buffalo chicken mac and cheese. Literally everyone in the world likes buffalo chicken, and mac and cheese is a universal comfort food. It’s even better if I make it in the slow cooker. Though I feel like this dish is not very original. But I’ll keep it on the list as a possible option for now.

I’m a boss at making spinach and ricotta stuffed shells. Nobody can resist Italian. And the spinach adds some nice nutrients. Win-Win!

Finally, a personal favorite of mine is Shrimp and Sausage Jambalaya. I make it with brown rice, which adds a healthy element. The cayenne pepper adds a bit of a kick. And the shrimp and sausage satisfies lovers of both surf AND turf!

It is very important that I find my perfect signature dish. One day I will find a stud that I want to lock down, and what better way to accomplish this than to serve him my signature dish? Also, one day I will have kids, and I have to win Mom of the Year award somehow!!

Please take the time to answer my poll:

On the menu: Turf ‘n’ Turf

turf n turfI’ve been on a mission for self-improvement. Exhibit A: I use this blog as an outlet for my creative energy. Exhibit B: I’m training for a 5K, because I want a 2-pack. And Exhibit C: I’m learning how to be an epic cook.

In college, it was socially acceptable to have Annie’s Mac and Cheese for dinner. But not in the real world, despite how cute the bunny-shaped pasta is. Now I make buffalo chicken mac and cheese, which is actually much better.

I’d be lost without the Food and Drink section on Pinterest, where I find dinner recipes. I’ve got a good system going. On Sunday I pick out my dinners for the week, and then go grocery shopping and buy only the ingredients that I need. I feel like it’s something June Cleaver would do, if they had Pinterest in those days.

Usually what I make comes out pretty good. There was the time, though, that I tried to make a sun-dried tomato cream sauce to put on pasta, and for some reason I used evaporated milk and oregano in it (I swear the recipe called for it). The taste was putrid, and we won’t speak of it again.

Let it be known that you will never find me posting pictures of dinners I make on Facebook and hashtagging every damn ingredient.


The following are some of my favorite meals I’ve made (the photo links to the recipe):

Spicy Sausage Pasta

spicy sausage pasta

Crusted Honey Mustard Chicken

crusted honey mustard chicken

Buffalo Chicken Sandwich

buff chick

Chicken Bacon Rice Casserole

chicken bacon rice

Cajun Shrimp Pasta

shrimp pasta

Fish Tacos with Mango Salsa

fish tacos

Guacamole Shrimp Melt


I’m having fun with it! The only down side is all the dishes I need to clean up afterwards. One day I will make my husband do them.