The Pains of being a NY Giants Fan in Boston

imgresOn a daily basis, I deal with the struggle of being a New York Giants fan living in Boston. Few are aware of the turmoil associated with this, and as the Patriots get closer to playing in yet another Superbowl, I feel I must share my harrowing experiences with the world.

Patriots fans worship Tom Brady with a passion that concerns me. For example, every time I remind a Pats fan that Tom Brady stole Giselle Bundchen from Leo DiCaprio (a shameful, petty crime), they get a disturbing look in their eyes. Imagine a deranged mutant squirrel who just had his winter nuts stolen – that’s the kind of crazed look I see on their face. I worry about being attacked, and it’s the primary reason I carry pepper spray.

And of course, they have horrible things to say about my Eli Manning. And sure, he has the
body type of a string bean, but he’s a damn good quarterback!

Yet another reason why being a NY Giants fan in Boston is such a hardship is because of the wardrobe implications it has. I have several pieces of NYG regalia, all of which I cannot wear outside of my apartment. One time I was feeling incredibly brave, and I wore my Giants sweatshirt 20141018_mje_se2_099.jpg.0.0.jpgout to the grocery store. I SWEAR the cashier purposely charged me double for my Lucky Charms. Oh, the injustice….

So, now that all you Patriots fans are more keenly aware of the tribulations I experience as a Giants fan, I hope you show me greater respect as we head towards Superbowl 50.


Let’s talk about Victor Cruz

1480564_568583313242454_5694456175484134986_nAs much as I love Boston, I am cursed with being surrounded by Patriots fans. They are head over heels for Brady, clearly blinded by his good looks. One of my co-workers even bought the Uggs he did a commercial for! And I live with this foolishness every day. Nobody seems to care that Victor Cruz, Big Blue’s finest wide receiver, had major surgery! He is recovering well, according to his Instagram. Thank goodness.

For those unaware, #80 is my favorite player on the Gmen. He makes incredible catches, salsa dances in the endzone, and loves his mama. What a guy!

Unfortunately he won’t be back on the field until next season. Still, I remain a diehard fan. Get better soon, Victor…I hope you “Cruz” into recovery.

A tiny GIANT fan

For those of you who know what a diehard Red Sox fan I am, it may come as a surprise to know I’m a huge Giants fan. But it’s absolutely true. I take great pride in the fact that I’m a weird breed of sports fan.

You may be wondering how this could have come about. It’s an incredibly dull story which I will tell you in great detail. There was a time, long ago, when I viewed football as a sport for barbarians. Then came college and I went to a few Uconn football games. I had a great time, but had no idea what was happening on the field. So I learned, and really got into it. I decided to start following an NFL team, but which one? Sure, there were the Patriots, but I couldn’t get past the fact that Tom Brady stole Giselle from Leonardo DiCaprio. My oldest brother has been a DIEHARD Giants fan all his life. So there ya go, that was my team.

And now, the Gmen are pooping all over the place, yet I still love them. Victor Cruz is my favorite player. For one, you literally can’t have a victory without VICTOR. And his salsa dancing skills are above average as well.


This past Sunday, the Giants played the Eagles, and my sister and her boyfriend got to be there. They had…just alright seats:


Just kidding, they were baller seats. So jealous!!