Your Burning Online Dating Questions Answered

tinderI have a co-worker who loves the dating site Hinge. I’m constantly asking him if he’s met any cute girls on “Unhinged” lately, purposely changing the name to be a wise ass.

Young people have become obsessed with online dating, and the sheer number of sites and apps available reflects it.

I, myself, am a victim of this phenomenon. I have used both OkCupid and Tinder. The reality is that online dating  does widen the dating pool, though it does not guarantee more compatible matches than those who you meet in “real life”.

In case you, reader, are contemplating online dating, I have provided answers to several hypothetical questions below. I hope you find it as beneficial as an issue of Consumer Reports.

Q: What should I put in my profile?

A: Make your written profile relatively short and to the point. Most importantly, make sure it reflects your personality. Avoid bragging – nobody cares that your step-uncle is Justin Beiber’s mother’s psychiatrist. And in regards to your pictures: NO nudity, you trashy scalliwag!

Q: Will I get hit on by creeps?

A: Unfortunately, yes – especially if you use a site like OKCupid, where anyone can message you. But you can also turn it into a really great social experiment by reading over DudeBrooo69’s profile and hypothesizing where his parents went wrong.

Q: Am I likely to meet a decent person?

A: Yeah, odds are you’ll start up a conversation with someone who meets all your criteria: an employed, socially-skilled lad or lass with no criminal history who doesn’t still sleep with a teddy bear.

Q: What if I’m talking with 3 people at once, and they all ask me out for the same weekend. What do I do?

A: Take a cold shower cause you are HOT SHIT my friend!!

Q: What if I realize I’m not interested after some ongoing messaging?

A: Be an adult and ghost them.


Want further (more serious) information? Read this article on the impact of online dating on relationships!



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